The boys and I were invited to a 5 year old girl’s birthday party yesterday.  We were excited as we thought for sure there would be a pinata.  Little did we know it would be soooo much more!  Like nothing I have every experienced before.

Max with the castle cake (made by our friend Cristina who invited us to the party for her niece).  The party was a princess theme.

There was a bouncy castle, trampoline, swingset with regular park equipment, various little playhouses and then the entertainers arrived (in the striped shirts). They did fishing, cookie making/carving, face painting, dressup and parade, various games on the grass (tug of war, ring jumping, tunnels etc.) and more!

In the back of this picture you see the adults undercover (it was a rented garden area and undercover area with tables set for lunch).  There was a full bar and about 10 wait staff….

Anders on the trampoline…

Max transforming into hombre arana (spiderman).

 Kids are seated to watch the live Sleeping Beauty play….in Spanish (after the pinata which I didn’t get a picture of).  The pinata was a huge princess.  The idea with pinatas (as I have learned) is that they are meant to be made hard to break so that they last a long time (lots of people can have a turn).  So, given there were about 30 kids at the party and the princess was huge, I was settling in to watch for a good hour (including seeing my kids take one if not more turns each).  So, when the third kid broke the pinata, I was totally unprepared!  Then it was mayhem with kids shoving candy into their pinata bags.

Then we had cake.  Here’s the little birthday princess with her parents, brother, Sleeping Beauty and the Prince from the play (I only have video of the actual play which was fantastic!).

In between all the festivities we had a full, hot lunch with tasty Mexican dishes served at the adult tables (after kids spaghetti and chicken nuggets), listening to music the whole time as loud as the disco.

Too much fun for one afternoon!  Wow!